• Måne - 240G - De'Part
  • Måne - 240G - De'Part

Måne - 240G

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Inspired by cultural and natural phenomenon this scent pays homage to our connection to the moon (translated to måne in Swedish), the universal measurement of time that defines how we live. Day and night, month by month, we coexist with its untamed power, gravity and force. A constant source of wonder and natural inspiration. Unconsciously, the moon affects the senses just like a scent can create a feeling or mood and based on this idea to translate some of those elements into a scent - MÅNE.


Made in France
100% Natural wax
100% Vegan wax


Total burn time: approximately 55 hours.


Top: Wild Cherry, Cinnamon
Heart: Osmanthus, Violet
Base: Birch, Leather, Cedarwood


For best experience keep candle wick trimmed to approximately 5 mm before each use to avoid soot. Let candle burn until wax has melted to the edge for the first time and follow with maximum 4 hours burn each time for an even result. Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. Place candle away from draughts and flammable materials and place it on a heat resistant surface or on the lid. Before moving the candle allow it to cool and solidify after each burn.