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White Forest - 200 ML

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The scented reed diffuser to fragrance your home with refreshing aromas of bergamot, tonka bean and cashmere.

Reed Diffuser with a unique blend of natural and synthetic fragrance notes for a long-lasting and personal perfume performance. By blending the natural and synthetic notes we create a unique sensation with free interpretation. This scented reed diffuser is made in Grasse, France with an alcohol-free blend.

Cruelty Free
Made in France
100% Alcohol free



Top: Bergamot, Cassis, Lemon, Cinnamon
Heart: Violet, Orchid, Tonka bean
Base: Vetiver, Cashmere woods


Remove the lid. Place 4 sticks in the diffuser. Place the diffuser on a shelf or table, away from direct sunlight. Turn the sticks around to increase scent exposure if needed. Replace the sticks with the remaining 4 after the liquid has diffused to half the amount.